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BANA PACIFIC LLC, founded in 2016, is a developer of Biogas production facilities. Each facility is owned by a Single Purpose Entity that converts biomass crops (organic material), including agricultural and industrial wastes, into 2nd Generation Biofuels producing Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) and organic soil amendments.

Our Mission

The BANA PACIFIC mission is to promote local Biogas production and utilize the abundant available Biomass, as a required feedstock, to bolster local agricultural and farming economies. Doing so facilitates the local production of renewable fuels, enabling energy sustainability, environmental stewardship, and independence from fossil sources.

Our Vision

For cultural, economic, and environmental purposes, the vision of BANA PACIFIC is to have Hawaii and other South Pacific Island nations benefit greatly from the waste mitigation and natural byproducts produced by our HSAD/OMR AD Biogas facilities. The rapid development of renewable energy utilizing Biomass from existing agricultural land resources and industrial wastes will accelerate the path to reviving the local agricultural economy while producing sustainable energy locally and reducing Hawaii's dependence on fossil fuels. BANA PACIFIC is committed to leading the way.


To achieve this Vision, BANA PACIFIC has adopted four primary objectives.

  1. Promote biofuel sustainability and alternative utilization of fallow ag land resources.

  2. Initiate the development of an agricultural economy in feedstock.

  3. Help develop and implement policies that will increase the production of renewable energy utilizing the existing biomass resources that are locally abundant.

  4. Foster and demonstrate stakeholder unity and support of renewable energy and energy sustainability through education and community involvement.

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President and CEO
Paul Shinkawa 1_edited.png
Board Member

Co-founder of BANA PACIFIC, George has over 28 years of professional sales, and marketing experience, including a decade of commercial and federal project construction and development, project financing, and project management. Passionate about his island roots and community future, His focus is directed on the development of island sustainability, and energy independence through land stewardship and innovative technologies.


With an ever-present focus on Clean Water, Clean Air, Clean World for a Sustainable Community, guided by Heaven, Earth, Man, and God "Thriving Together", Paul, as a critical thinker, planner and developer of opportunities, guides BANA PACIFIC to conceive, believe and achieve its objectives.

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